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二、 貿易概況與主要貿易夥伴





資料來源:ITC trade map


1. 東協體系 

註:東協-香港自由貿易協定(ASEAN–Hong Kong, China Free Trade Agreement, AHKFTA)已於2019年6月11日正式生效,但其中香港與5個東協會員國汶萊、柬埔寨、印尼、菲律賓和馬來西亞的雙邊FTA未和AHKFTA同時生效,如汶萊生效日期為2020年10月20日。


2. 非東協體系​

I.    Basic Country Profile


Source: World Bank.

II.   Trade and Major Trading Partners


The trade value of Brunei totaled 12.13 billion USD during 2020, where total exports and imports accounted for 7.03 billion USD and 5.10 billion USD respectively. The main export goods are mineral fuels, organic chemicals, machinery and mechanical appliances, and the main import goods are mineral fuels, machinery and mechanical appliances, and iron or steel.  

In 2020, the top 5 trading partners for Brunei were Japan, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and India for exports, while for imports they were China, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, and Germany. (Taiwan's 29th largest trading partner) 


III.      The signed Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

1. ASEAN system 





​Annotation: ASEAN–Hong Kong, China Free Trade Agreement (AHKFTA) has been formally effective on June 11, 2019; however, the bilateral FTA between Hong Kong and five of the ASEAN members which are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia have not been simultaneously effective with AHKFTA. As for Brunei, the effective date is October 20, 2021. 


2. Non ASEAN system ​


IV.  Economic Relations with Taiwan

1. Investment    


Based on the statistical data provided by the Investment Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, from 1952 to 2020, the total accumulated number of Taiwanese investment projects to Brunei was 63, with a total amount of 0.1 billion USD invested.


2.  Trade 


In 2020, the total trade value between Taiwan and Brunei was 0.22 billion USD, ranked the 68th country in Taiwan's trade volume, accounts for 0.04% of total trade. 

For exports, the total exports from Taiwan to Brunei were only 0.01 billion USD. The top 3 exports ranked by product group included ‘iron & steel’ (HS 72), ‘beverages, spirits & vinegar’ (HS 22), and ‘machinery & mechanical appliances’ (HS 84).

As for imports, the total imports from Brunei to Taiwan were 0.16 billion USD. The top 3 imports ranked by product group included ‘mineral fuels, oils, waxes & bituminous sub’ (HS 27), ‘organic chemicals’ (HS 29), and ‘fish & crustaceans’ (HS 03).


3. Major agreement with Taiwan  


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