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Objectives & Activities

TASC is an academic research institute that engages on behalf of government and private sector clients in research & analysis, policy consultation, and policy planning work on topics related to ASEAN countries and regional developments in economics and trade.


Main objectives include:

1. Create an international platform for research and cooperative exchange on issues related to ASEAN and regional economics and trade;

2. Expand cooperative exchange between Taiwan and ASEAN-based policy institutes and government organizations;

3. Strengthen domestic research and analysis capabilities with regard to ASEAN and regional economics and trade; 

4. Fully leverage potentials for Taiwan to join strategic studies into ASEAN and other regional economic and trade groupings;

5. Enhance domestic capabilities with regard to planning and implementing various cooperative arrangements with ASEAN countries;

6. Improve the dissemination in Taiwan of information and knowledge related to ASEAN countries and regional organizations.

Main areas of professional interest include:

1. Creating and maintaining online web content/pages specifically related to ASEAN countries and regional economics/trade;

2. Engaging in cooperative exchanges with ASEAN and East Asia (Japan, South Korea, Mainland China) policy institutes;

3. Conducting research and analysis of regional economic/trade integration trends within ASEAN, East Asia, and the Pacific Rim;

4. Helping industry pursue opportunities for substantive research cooperation with partners in ASEAN countries;

5. Studying, planning, and implementing practical opportunities for cooperation across all arenas between Taiwan and ASEAN countries;

6. Organizing international conferences, expert roundtables, and research symposia;

7. Arranging and facilitating exchanges with ASEAN country academics, experts, government officials, and business leaders;

8. Publishing and promoting publications of research findings, thesis compilations, and technical paper series.

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