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本中心特刊:東協瞭望 004  


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The ASEAN Political Security Community: Challenges and Prospect/ Nguyen Hung Son(English)

It has almost been a rule, whenever ASEAN Leaders gather in the resort town of Bali, Indonesia, there will be a major development to the regional organisation to watch out for. This year, the 19th ASEAN Summit will be held in Bali again. The clues for the hype this year are well reflected in Indonesia’s Chairmanship theme for ASEAN this year “ASEAN Community in a Global Community of Nations”, which is the advancement of ASEAN community building process one step further towards not only successfully building a community of its own, but also a community with a deserved place and role in the global community of nations. 【單篇下載】



Turning Dream into Reality? Achieving the Goal of Small and Medium Enterprise Development in ASEAN Economic Community〉/ Dionisius NarjokoEnglish

This paper addresses the subject of SME development in ASEAN. It focuses the issue of integration of SMEs in international production networks and SME access to finance. The ASEAN SME Blueprint/APBSD and the ASEAN SME Strategic Plan indicate these issues as few the key factors to achieve the objective of SME development in the context of ASEAN Economic Community. This paper draws from the results of the SME research project of ERIA in the past two years in analyzing the issues. Discussion on policy implications and the way forward is presented to follow the analysis. 【單篇下載】



The Political Economy of Progress Towards ASEAN Economic Community 2015 and Broader ASEAN Integration/ Larry StrangeEnglish

The leaders of the 10 ASEAN member countries have made a commitment to establish an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2015. The ASEAN Charter and associated ASEAN Blueprint, endorsed in 2007, envision an economic community based on a single market and production base, a competitive economic region with equitable development, and a region that is still actively engaged with the global economy. This paper focuses on the interests and needs of the ASEAN least developed countries (LDCs) – Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar – in achieving AEC 2015 and GMS, ASEAN and broader East Asian economic integration, and highlights some of the challenges they face. 【單篇下載】




本中心與越南社會科學院東北亞研究所(Institute for Northeast Asian Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, VASS)於2011816日在越南河內共同舉辦國際學術研討會,本次會議名稱為「邁向2015年東協經濟整合願景:台越經濟合作」,針對以下三項會議主題進行意見交流,依序為第一場「台越經貿互動的發展與現況」、第二場「東協經濟整合趨勢下,台越經濟合作的優先順序與合作機制」,以及第三場「如何強化未來台越經貿關係發展」,最後則是安排圓桌論壇提供與會人士發表會議結論或提出未來建議。 【單篇下載】




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