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Myanmar’s Overlooked Industry Opportunities and Investment Climate (English)/David DuByne
With the country’s new 2013 Foreign Investment Law (FIL) now solidified, removing of media censorship and construction of overhead expressways, ports and roads, Myanmar is now showing even through a religious tension bump in the road, that this country is truly becoming a stable business opportunity. What the national level ministries and Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) want to see are companies that create jobs and skills training along with sustainable development which can operate in the countryside outside large population centers to enhance local prosperity. Firms that are able to tick these boxes will greatly increase their chance for successful entry into Myanmar.



Is the 21st Century a Century of the Free Trade Agreement? (English)/Bih-Jaw Lin 
Regional Trade Agreement (RTA) or Free Trade Agreement(FTA) has become an important area of study and one of the top priority policy issues for almost every country. The United States has taken positive measures to strengthen its bilateral FTA with countries in this part of the world, notably among them are Singapore and South Korea. China, Japan and Australia together with many countries follow up and their policy initiatives have met with positive responses from their counterparts. The basic reasons for increasing FTA vary, but most countries treasure the FTA mainly because of political and economic considerations. The private sectors are even more supportive of these initiatives, as Asia and the Pacific are moving into the digital age and there are more and more trading opportunities for them to explore. Indeed, trade has been quickly transferred from low politics into high politics. The subject of international political economy (IPE) has attracted more talents to develop their academic and professional career.




The Impacts of Eurorean Debt Crisis On The Prospects Of Some Economic Areas In Vietnam. (English)/Mai Thi Thu
As EU is an important economic partner of Vietnam, the bad developments of EU economy such as sovereign debt crisis will have strong effects on Vietnam economy through main channels including: (i) Negative impacts on the world economy, as well as on US, Japan and China’s economy as Vietnam’s vital economic partners; (ii) Impacts on the structure of export and import between Vietnam and EU; (iii) Impacts on capital flows to Vietnam including FDI, ODA and remittance; and (iv) Impacts on commodity and service prices in Vietnam.


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